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      Top 5 places to eat in Isla Mujeres

      Top 5 places to eat in Isla Mujeres

      Visiting Isla Mujeres is a complete experience that goes from the classic water activities such as snorkeling or paddle to the more exploratory ones like going around the island in a golf cart, visiting Punta Sur, or walking around downtown to admire and buy handicrafts.

      Among these stops during your stay in Isla Mujeres, you can't miss a delicious dish. Whether you go for a day or a longer stay, tasting the island's food is an experience. Here we share with you a top 5 of the best places to eat on Isla Mujeres.


      Los tacos de humo


      In this nice place, you can enjoy some delicious fish tacos and other house specialties, as they have a varied menu which you can find on their website.


      SM-001 Centro m13 Av. Benito Juarez, Zona Isla Mujeres, Isla Mujeres 77400 Mexico.

      Capricci Pizza & Sfizi


      Craving Italian-type food? Try this option. At Ca'pricci Pizza & Sfizi you'll find pizzas, salads, burgers, calzones, and delicious drinks. Bonus point: they have promotions on beers to go with your pizza right there.


      Avenida Miguel Hidalgo Manzana 18, Lote 5, N 31, Local 10, Isla Mujeres 77400 Mexico.

      Javi's Cantina Restaurant Bar


      Enjoy an evening with live music, delicious food, and endless experiences at Javi's Cantina, a restaurant bar in the Mexican Caribbean. Their menu is quite varied as they offer Mexican, Caribbean, seafood, and grilled food. Their plus is that they have vegan and gluten-free options.


      Av Juarez # 12 Two blocks north of Ultramar Ferry, between Av Madero and Calle Abasolo, Isla Mujeres 77400 Mexico.


      Caribbean Brisas


      This restaurant features Caribbean dishes in Isla Mujeres and its menu includes Mexican, Latin, bar, pizza, seafood, and Central American food. The nicest thing is that it has an outdoor location.


      Calle Pallo Obispo Colonia Metereologico, Isla Mujeres 77400 Mexico.

      IXI Beach

      01 - LoRES - IXI Beach - Mural

      If what you are looking for is a complete high-level gastronomic experience, then IXI Beach is the ideal place for you. Here you will find air, sea, and land dishes with a unique Caribbean flavor. Savor the mystical recipes of the ancient Maya fused with elements of modern cuisine. In addition, accompany your dishes with a refreshing drink from the bar, prepared by experts from the region.

      Enjoy a true gourmet experience at IXI Beach while overlooking the crystal clear waters of Playa Norte.

      04 - HiRes - IXI Beach - Playa Norte Friends-1

      Book here to enjoy the best food in Isla Mujeres.

      With this list of the best places to eat in Isla Mujeres, you have no excuse to leave the island without trying the delicious gastronomy it has to offer. 


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