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      The best things to do in Isla Mujeres

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      Isla Mujeres is an emblematic vacation destination in Quintana Roo, distinguished by its beautiful crystal-clear waters and soft sandy beaches. However, this area, which in ancient Mayan times was devoted to the Goddess Ixchel, has many more activities to offer besides sunbathing or cooling off in its waters.


      Here are the most popular options:

      Go paddleboarding


      Explore the ocean in a different way through this relaxing activity that consists of getting on a surfboard to navigate the sea with a paddle. You can rent it by the hour at various beach clubs or hotels.

      Tour Punta Sur


      Visit the other side of Isla Mujeres and see its sculptures and cliffs overlooking the sea. You can admire most of the sculptures for free and, for the small fee of MXN 30, you may enter the archaeological zone with a spectacular view of the island.

      Camina por la Hacienda Mundaca


      This hacienda belonged to Fermín Mundaca, a pirate and slave trader who left history on Isla Mujeres. This character took refuge and lived on the island.

      Explore Garrafon Park


      Here is one of the most beautiful places on Isla Mujeres. It is a water park with incredible turquoise waters and diverse activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, zip lines, temazcal, pools, hammocks, among others. The entrance fee is between 89 and 190 USD.


      Visit the Tortugranja

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      An ideal activity if you are traveling with children. Here you will find numerous species of turtles and learn more about these incredible reptiles. The entrance fee is MXN 30 per person, and you can buy food to feed the turtles right there.


      Swim with dolphins


      This activity is one of the most booked ones. Have fun learning about these fun mammals at Dolphin Discovery.

      Snorkel Isla Mujeres


      This is a must! One of the most relaxing and enjoyable activities you can do on the island. Admire wonderful colorful fish and get to know Mexico's most important coral reef.

      Relax and eat at a beach club


      An activity not to be missed. End your day enjoying an evening at a beach club, enjoy a gourmet meal while admiring the sunset right in front of the sea. You can book your visit to IXI beach or check the menu while preparing your taste buds for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

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