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      Isla Mujeres style sopes

      Isla Mujeres style sopes

      Mexican cuisine is recognized as one of the most popular and delicious cuisines worldwide. Some dishes are very elaborate and others stand out for their simplicity, such as sopes, so today we will learn a little about them.

      Castacán Sopes at IXI Beach

      What are sopes?

      The sope is a type of Mexican antojito (snack) made with a tortilla with pinched edges to which cheese, salsa, beans and different types of dishes can be added on top.


      What is an antojito?

      In Mexican food, an antojito is a snack or fast food that is usually made from corn and rich in fat. It can be called the comfort food of Mexico and is regularly found in street stalls and markets.

      Preparation of Mexican snacks

      Ingredients for preparing sopes or picadas

      The basic ingredients for the preparation of this dish are:

      • Dough
      • Lard
      • Sauce
      • Refried beans
      • Cheese
      • Chopped onion
      • Beef, chicken, or other dish

      Steps to make a sope

      While its preparation is simple, the first part of the preparation requires some practice.

      The recipe begins with a small ball of salted dough. With the help of a tortilla press, better known in Mexico as a maricona, the ball of dough is flattened until it takes the shape of a tortilla but is thicker.

      Once the ball is flat, the edges are pinched so that the stew does not run down the sides. Thanks to this process, sopes are also known as pellizcadas (pinched). They are then fried in oil or lard. The outer part should be well cooked, while the inner part should be soft.

      Once the cooked dough base is ready, a layer of beans, chopped lettuce or cabbage, chopped onion, cow's milk cream, cheese, green or red sauce, and meat, chicken, or a dish to taste is added to the inside.

      Sopes are round and should not be confused with huaraches, which have an oval shape and are larger.

      Region and culture

      Mexican Food

      Sopes are traditional in central and southern Mexico. In some central states such as Mexico City, Morelos, Tlaxcala, and Guerrero, the different colored dough is used to make them.

      In the state of Veracruz, there is a variant of the sope known as picada (poked). Its name comes from the action of pinching the dough to create the edge. Picadas are usually simpler, using only beans, cream, salsa, and cheese for their preparation.

      The ingredients in sopes can vary depending on the state of Mexico you are in, for example, if you visit Morelos, you will find sopes with cecina, a specialty of that area.

      Where to eat sopes in Isla Mujeres?

      Typically, restaurants sell a variety of Mexican antojitos as a starter or as a complement to the main course. For this reason, here are some places where you can try this delicious dish typical of Mexican cuisine.


      Quesadillas El Milagro

      This small food cart is the spitting image of a Mexican street food stand. Here, your dishes are prepared in front of you and the options vary in form and flavor. At El Milagro you can order sopes, quesadillas, burritos, tacos or gorditas, and the stews range from the typical carne asada and picadillo to chicharrón and tinga. If in the end, you have a craving for "something sweet", you can buy ice cream at the corner store. This is the true meaning of eating like a local.


      Rorro’s Garnacha & Grill

      Rorros's is located on Miguel Hidalgo Street, famous for being an avenue with many stores, hotels, and restaurants. As its name suggests, this place specializes in garnachas (another name for Mexican snacks), and its menu is proof of that. Here you can enjoy quesadillas, sopes, huaraches, gringas, burritos, and options from the grill, such as beef cuts seasoned with sauces and condiments typical of Mexican cuisine.

      Rorro’s Garnacha & Grill


      IXI Beach

      If you want to eat sopes in front of Playa Norte, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, IXI Beach is the ideal choice. Among its most Mexican dishes, you will find shrimp sopes with Tikin Xic and castacan. A true fusion between typical Mexican food and island cuisine, you have to try them!

      Sunset at IXI Beach, Isla Mujeres

      Sopes or picadas are not just another dish, they are part of a wide range of delicious options that define Mexican cuisine. Follow us and comment if you want us to talk about any dish of the amazing island cuisine. 👇

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      Isla Mujeres style sopes

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      Isla Mujeres style sopes

      Mexican cuisine is recognized as one of the most popular and delicious cuisines worldwide. Some dishes are very elaborate and others stand out for...

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