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      5 Wonderful Places To Get Married In Isla Mujeres

      Where to get married in Isla Mujeres?

      Do you want to organize your wedding in Isla Mujeres? This Caribbean island is one of the most beautiful and popular destinations for all kinds of romantic events. Read on and check out our top 5 places to celebrate your wedding in Isla Mujeres.

      We are not kidding when we tell you that the Mexican Caribbean is one of the favorite places to join in marriage, the reason is that there is nothing like the sea breeze to feel that love is in the air ❤.

      Wedding ceremony in Isla Mujeres

      And what could be better than getting married on the island of Mexico that receives the first rays of the sun? Isla Mujeres has beautiful beaches, fantastic scenery, and sunsets as romantic as in the movies. So keep reading because we'll tell you the best places to get married in Isla Mujeres.

      Garrafon Park

      Garrafon is a Natural Reef Park and Beach Club located on the southern tip of Isla Mujeres. This park is the favorite for many tourists to relax in a natural environment and at the same time enjoy recreational activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, bike tours, zip lines, and much more.

      Garrafón has its wedding planning team that organizes events on land and at sea. By making use of their services, you will enjoy different amenities such as:

      • Garden
      • Terrace
      • Swimming pool
      • Event room
      • Dance floor
      • Restaurant

      And of course, the beautiful ocean view.


      Privilege Aluxes Hotel

      This Resort will make your dream of love come true with its different romantic event packages. Besides organizing traditional weddings, they will also help you celebrate:

      • Symbolic weddings
      • Legal weddings
      • Renewal of vows
      • Intimate wedding for two

      Its location in Playa Norte, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, makes the Privilege Aluxes hotel one of the most romantic spots to celebrate your wedding.



      IXI Beach In Playa Norte

      In this Beach Club, they will adapt their facilities to carry out weddings, anniversaries, and any type of private event, in front of Playa Norte, the most beautiful beach in Isla Mujeres.

      Beach Club weddings are express events that offer more freedom without taking you away from the beach. Some beach clubs can limit access to wedding guests only and include food and beverage service, space for a beach reception, as well as light and sound. This option is ideal to celebrate in petit comité in a romantic and very Caribbean atmosphere (with wonderful sunsets).


      Zoetry Villa Rolandi

      If you are looking for an experience full of luxury and elegance, Zoetry Villa Rolandi is your choice. This luxurious, tucked-away retreat is famous for combining romance, tranquility, and holistic wellness. Their promise gives you access to the use of a beach gazebo, private dock access, and other facilities. Plus, by staying the required number of nights during your wedding or honeymoon, you'll get complimentary nights when you return for your anniversary.

      They have wedding coordinators and a wedding guide who will explain everything you need to carry out that incredible celebration.

      Gazebo at Zoëtry Villa Rolandi Isla Mujeres Resort for Adults-1

      Gazebo en Villa Rolandi

      Casa de los sueños Hotel Boutique

      If your vibe is a little more alternative, and you prefer to stay away from the big hotels, why not consider a quaint boutique hotel? Casa de Los Sueños has 9 ocean-view suites and a Presidential Suite, making it the ideal place to experience your wedding in petit comité.

      This Boutique Hotel offers you 3 different wedding packages starting at USD 4450 (+ taxes), each one with different amenities such as:

      • Breakfast for guests
      • Organization of the event
      • Bouquet
      • Cake
      • Welcome cocktail

      Beach weddings are a magical and incomparable experience that you have to consider in your list of wedding ideas.

      Remember that besides getting married on the beach, there are other options such as boat weddings. For more ideas about weddings, honeymoons, and even Trash the Dress, check out the blog: Cancun weddings, marriage proposals, and other love trends in the Caribbean.

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