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      4 Ways to celebrate New Year's Eve in Isla Mujeres

      New Year's Eve in Isla Mujeres

      In this post, we will tell you a little about how the locals welcome the New Year in Isla Mujeres and present you with 4 ideas that you can do to say goodbye to the Old Year.

      There are many ways to celebrate the arrival of the New Year in Mexico. In fact, each state and each area has its traditions, and Isla Mujeres is not far behind. Many think that being a tourist destination, it lacks its personality and adapts to that of the tourists, however, this island has its energy. Find out why!


      What to do on New Year's Eve in Isla Mujeres?



      Dining in a restaurant

      Cena navideña en Isla Mujeres

      Although most islanders spend these special dates at home, many others prefer to go out to enjoy New Year's Eve dinner at local restaurants. Here are 3 places where you can enjoy your New Year's Eve dinner in Isla Mujeres:


      IXI Beach

      IXI offers a menu that fuses the best of island food with the Yucatán seasoning of the region. This beach club is in Playa Norte, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and usually organizes all kinds of events for its diners.

      Foto aérea del club de playa IXI Beach en Isla Mujeres

      Lola Valentina

      This colorful restaurant offers a creative menu based on Mexican cuisine fused with Caribbean influences. You will find it on the Miguel Hidalgo walkway in the middle of the fun.

      restaurante lola valentina en isla mujeres

      Casa Rolandi

      This restaurant is located inside the Zoetri Villa Rolandi Resort. It is an elegant restaurant specializing in pasta and international cuisine. It is one of the most popular and famous restaurants on the island, and they will be happy to celebrate the holidays with you.

      Casa Rolandi Isla Mujeres


      New Year's Eve at the Main PLAZA

      Isla Mujeres, like all Mexican cities, bids farewell to the Old Year in the main park, which is typically paid for by the city government. In this celebration, islanders and tourists are invited to participate in the countdown to the New Year.

      Get ready to enjoy the beautiful decorations, shows by local troupes, guest musical groups, impressive fireworks, and delicious snacks.


      Welcoming the sunrise at Punta Sur

      Isla Mujeres is famous for being the first place in Mexico to receive the sun's rays. That is why so many people head to Punta Sur to recharge their batteries while watching the first sunrise of the year.

      Punta Sur is considered to be a place full of energy, history, and culture, and it is to be expected, that locals and tourists alike want to gather at 7:00 am, the time of sunrise, and capture the best pictures.

      No matter what your New Year's welcome plan is, if you are planning on enjoying this party in Punta Sur, remember to arrive early to grab a good spot and capture the sunrise, as it tends to get crowded.


      Swimming in the beaches of Isla Mujeres on New Year's Day

      Weather permitting, locals venture to the beaches during the early hours of the day. The most popular reason for taking a dip in the beach at dawn is to start the year “clean” and purify the soul.

      Chicas en playa norte isla mujeres

      Among the Mexican New Year's Eve customs, you will also find:

      • Wear colorful underwear: Each color has a meaning. For example, red will bring you luck in love and yellow with money.
      • Eat 12 grapes: In Mexico and Spain, it is customary to eat 12 seedless grapes during the 12 chimes of the New Year. When eating each grape, you should make a wish.
      • Clean the house: Just like swimming at the beach, cleaning the house represents a form of purification.
      • Going for a walk with the suitcases: Many people go for a walk in the street with their empty suitcases with the intention of having luck in their travels.
      • Burning of the Año Viejo: In southern Mexico, especially in the Yucatán Peninsula, it is customary to burn a doll representing the Old Year, which is made of old clothes, and stuffed with newspaper and pyrotechnics.


      New Year's Eve in Isla Mujeres

      How will you celebrate the New Year? The above list not only consists of separate tips, but you can also do everything in that order. Your New Year's Eve plan in Isla Mujeres would look like this:

      • Dine at a restaurant
      • Visit the central plaza of Isla Mujeres to see the show and the fireworks.
      • Go to Punta Sur to receive the first sun rays of the year.
      • Swim at Playa Norte to start the new year

      Then, this is the time! Don't forget to write down these tips on your bucket list, and get ready to welcome the New Year with all the energy of the Mexican Caribbean.

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